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C.M. Ervin:
Hush Little Baby
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Book Description:

Broke and penniless she found herself pregnant after a one night stand. What could she do to make it right for her child? Cristi never wanted to give her baby up but as the months wore on and it came closer to delivery she had to make a decision. So she had her daughter and tearfully left her on the doorstep of the man she had gotten pregnant by.

Julian Kennison was a wild one to say the least, that is until his world changed with a knock on his door. He found a baby girl in a carrier and a note. "The baby is yours." After making sure the baby really was his, he turned his life around and poured himself into raising his daughter.

Would her mother return to make his daughter's life complete? Why had she left the baby in the first place? These were the questions that ran through his mind, until one day Kay Leigh's mother came back. Would he accept her reasons for leaving their daughter on his doorstep? Could they work it out for their child?

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